Wellness center

The hotel has a wonderful spa, offering relaxation for your holiday in Liguria, many unique and wellness treatments:

The Algae

The sea algaes are perfect for finding the right silhouette and a glowing skin. In fact the alga contains a high concentration of minerals, vitamins and iodine and are essential for the metabolism functioning and thyroid. The algae packs help in cases of skin problems, articular pains, cellulite and aging signs

Marine Peeling

The peeling free the skin of dead cells. This treatment improves the absorption of active ingredients and gives smoothness and silkiness to the skin. It's recommended before exposure to sunlight or to prepare for other types of care.

The massages

Massage is the oldest form of physical therapy that is offered in our Spa from qualified personnel: aesthetic facial and body massage, shiatsu, sport massage, lymphatic drainage, Ayurvedic, neck massage, foot massage, Spanish facial massage, anti- stress, toning.

Osteopathic Treatment

Osteopathy is an healthy and natural way to improve the mobility of the different body systems, their interaction and regulation. This therapy, that includes a series of body manipulation techniques, can realign the posture, treat cervical problems, stress, low back pain, sciatica, backache.


The Chromotherapy is an alternative medicine that uses colors to cure diseases. For this treatment, the colors help the body and psyche to restore their own natural, and have physical and psychological effects that can stimulate the body and soothe some symptoms.


Health and beauty: manicure, pedicure, depilation ... are just some of the treatments that you can find in our wellness center.