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Local food and wine


Many local products, with their ancient traditions.
Here's a little taste of what you'll find in our area and in the province of Imperia!
This cuisine is poor, original and very tasty. Biodiversity and taste!

The most important products:

Olive Oil

Production that characterizes the hinterland of "Riviera di Ponente" The Olive groves, taggiasca quality, are grown for centuries in the terraces overlooking the sea. Seafood The coast towns are always lively port of fishers. Fabulous prawns of Oneglia, fried fish and many other dishes of the culinary Ligurian.

Caught sea

If the countless villages found inland born agriculture and animal husbandry, with major dairy products, the countries on the coast are always alive fishing ports. The fabulous prawns Oneglia to fried fish, the culinary tradition draws as much from the country as from the sea.


Ormeasco, Vermentino, Pigato and much more... Ligurian wine production has its origins in Roman times and flourished during the Middle Ages. And today the wine scene in Liguria offers a fantastic range of great value.

Beans of Conio, Pigna, Badalucco

Imported in the seventeenth century, the beans have found their ideal habitat in this three towns and are produced in limited quantities (protected by Slow Food). Delicate, soft, creamy, immediately recognizable.

Garlic of Vessalico

The white Garlic of Vessalico is protected by Slow Food. This small production is marketed in the annual fair in July and in the local restaurants.


"Biscette di Solva"- Soft short pastry cookie.
"Cookies of Taggia"
"Castagnun o Castagnaccio"
"Focaccia dolce della nonna"
"Gobeletti o Gubelletti"
"Pandolce genovese"

Cold cuts

"Testa in cassetta"

It's made from pork and is spread over a hundred years in all Liguria. Parts of the head, pressed and spiced.

"Zeraria o Zeaia"

Typical product of the Imperia province, homemade at Christmas time.


"Bruzzu o brusso"

Strong and distinctive taste. It's characteristic of the Imperia province.

"Formaggetta della Valle Argentina"

It's eaten fresh or mature, grated as a condiment.

"Formaggio d'alpeggio di Triora"

It's produced in the mountains around Triora.

"Tome di pecora brigasca" - (Protected by Slow Food)



It's washed with water and vinegar, rubbed with garlic, topped with tomato, anchovies and basil.

"Fugassa" - Typical product of Genova (Protected by Slow Food)
"Focaccia di Recco"

with creamy soft cheese, and baked in the wood stove

"Focaccia with olive or sage or onion"
"Gallette du mainà"
"Grissa de Dusaiga"
"Aurogo Bread"
"Triora Bread"
"Torta Pasqualina"

with vegetables, rice, egg and parmesan.


with artichokes, peas and a whole egg, at the center of the salad cake.

"Pan negru"
"Pizzalandrea - Piscialandrea"

Pizza with tomatoes, olives, anchovies and garlic.

Other savory dishes


Fried of courgette flowers, sage, artichokes etc.

"Cundiun - Condiglione"

Salad of tomato, pepper, onion, cucumber, egg, anchovies, olives, basil, olive oil, vinegar and salt.

"Frisciolata - Farinata"

A type of "pizza" made with chickpea flour, seasoned with onion.

"Sciue cine - Fiori ripieni"

Pumpkin flowers, onions, courgette, stuffed with potatoes and meat.

"Panissa - Panizza"

Chickpea flour, olive oil, pepper and salt. To be eaten hot, cold or fried.


Beef stuffed with vegetables.

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