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Several benefits

Turkish bath and Sauna

The steam bath is one of the oldest forms of relaxation. It's a release of steam about 100 - 110° that keeps the actual temperature, inside the cabin, about 43°.

The wet steam of Turkish Bath promotes the liquids drainage and removes the toxins
. Also It increases body oxygenation, tones the tissues and makes your skin radiant.
The treatment provides a deep skin cleansing, is useful for the respiratory system and has a toning and relaxing effect and reduces stress.


Sauna is a classic treatment of ancient origin. It is able to improve the immune system and relax the body. Also purifies the skin and improves blood circulation.
The immediate benefit that you receive from this treatment is the relief of nervous tension and a general relaxing of muscles and joints.

It's a treatment for skin rejuvenation.
The sweating eliminates impurities and removes dead skin cells. Increased blood circulation carries oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the body and the skin. Regular use of the sauna improves tone and elasticity of the skin and makes it smooth, bright and more resistant to acne, eczema and psoriasis.

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