Thalassotherapy pools

Heated seawater pool

The hotel Caravelle in Diano Marina, has three outdoor thalassotherapy pools, near to the beach, with geysers, effervescent beds, waterfall, swimming against the current and an indoor swimming pool with seawater, effervescent beds, geysers, "rain" of seawater and hydromassage.

The hydromassage has no particular contraindications and air bubbles combine the pleasure of the massage to the comfort of the bathtub. It relaxes the nervous system, stimulates diuresis, improves circulation, reduces articular pains, relaxes muscles.

These heated pools, combined with the sun and iodine, allow you to absorb the minerals salts. We suggest a dip in hot water (about 15-20 minutes), then move on to the pool with water at room temperature. 10 minutes of relaxation are recommended after the dive.