The sea water is the most important and complete mineral water that exists in nature!

The Thalassotherapy is an ancient method of healing and relaxation of the body. It uses the water but also algae, mud, sand and sea climate. The properties of the sea were already known to the Greeks and Romans who built swimming pools to treat joint and dermatological disorders. The sea water is rich of iodine, zooplankton, minerals etc.. and at 34° it creates a perfect osmosis with the skin. Iodine is important for the mental and physical development and also helps regulate thyroid function.

The Thalassotherapy has the following actions: vitalizing, cleansing, antibacterial, balancing and toning.
It takes away the stress and fights age and cellulite and is used in cases of joint/rheumatism pains and respiratory problems. Also the marine climate, with the high concentration of iodine, oxygen and ozone is beneficial for the chronic respiratory disorders.

Liguria with its clean water is ideal for these treatments.
Between the regions with the most beautiful beaches, at the first place there is Liguria, with 17 Blue Flags